7 Most Expensive Diamond Wedding Rings Worn by Celebrities

February 13, 2012

Do you know the amount spent by couples in the US on wedding bands in 2010? According to the Wedding Ring Report 2011, a whopping $9.64 billion was spent by couple with 95% of them preferring diamond wedding rings to seal their love. Average carat weight of engagement rings was measured to be 1.18 with 26.3% couples revealing that they customized and personalized their wedding rings.

Are you planning to pop the question to your beloved but wondering what she will like? Treat her like a princess and make the moment the most memorable of her life by buying her a wedding ring similar to the ones worn by the below mentioned celebrities.

7 Celebrities and Their Famous Diamond Wedding Rings

Celebrities are known to flaunt their love and if you too want your lady love to feel on top of the world then consider buying a diamond wedding ring similar to these celebrities:

1.    Kim Kardashian
Their wedding might have latest for just 72 days. However, the proposal was very fancy and if one must say so quite expensive. Kris Humphries proposed his love over a bend knee with a 20.5 carat diamond ring worth $2 million. This ring is made of a platinum band with three white diamonds. The central diamond is of emerald shape and weighs 16.5 carats and the other two are trapezoid in shape weighing two carats each.

2.    Beyonce
Jay Z tied the knot with Beyonce in 2008 with a stunner designed by Lorraine Schwartz. This breathless piece has platinum as the base metal with an 18 carat diamond costing $5 million giving Beyonce’s as well as our hearts light flutters.

3.    Paris Hilton
Paris Kasidokostas Latsis proposed to Paris Hilton with a 24 carat white diamond wedding ring in 2005. The affair lasted for only five months and Hilton auctioned the ring for $4.7 million for Hurricane Katrina victims.

4.    Catherine Zeta Jones
The fairy tale proposal to Jones was made by Michael Douglas with a Fred Leighton designed marquis engagement ring weighing 10 carats. The ring was an antique 1920s engagement ring with a 10 carat stone at the centre surrounded by 28 small stones. This ring is known to have cost Douglas $2 million.

5.    Katie Holmes
Tom Cruise took the plunge marrying Holmes and expressing his feelings out loud by jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s show. However, he also proclaimed his love for the actress with an exquisite Edwardian Style diamond wedding ring. The diamond in this ring is oval in shape. The ring cost the bad boy of Hollywood $1.5 million.

6.    Eva Longoria
The recently divorced Tony Parker and Eva Longoria became the talk of the town in 2007 for the engagement ring gifted by Parker to Longoria. The ring was an exclusive piece designed by Jean Dousset and cost the lover boy a massive $5 million. This emerald-cut diamond ring was made of a total of 107 diamonds with a French inscription present on the inside.

7.    Camilla Parker
Marrying the love of his life, Prince Charles tried to erase his first marriage from people’s memories by gifting his new bride an emerald cut diamond wedding ring. This Art Deco ring is made of a centre stone surrounded by six baquettes costing the prince $1 million.

So if you have the budget and want to make your future wife a celebrity in her friend’s circle gift an exclusive diamond wedding ring similar to the ones mentioned above.

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